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i moved!

August 7, 2011

I now have a new website! You can visit it here:

Thanks for everything WordPress, it’s been real.

– Liam


almost done!

July 27, 2011


hey everyone!

Hope summer is treating you well! Up above there is a little video of Brian and I goofing off during recording. I enjoy it quite a bit.

Weeeee are almost done! Ah!

We are now working on percussion, background vocals, a bit more keys/synth and electric guitar stuff. that’s it! Then mixing and mastering.

Needless to say, I am very excited. Also, it is rather scary. I feel real good about the songs, and the recordings…but it is an interesting thing when you work for a good amount of time on a creative endeavor, and then, it eventually comes to an end and you have a final result.

I know that with mixing, my excitement is only going to grow…but right now, it is a curious state to be in. Almost at the end.

Regardless, can’t wait to share it with you all.

Hope your summer is memorable, breezy, …and enchanting!



ps – Come see me on the road in August! Dates HERE.

new song!

July 14, 2011

hey all!

Hope you are doing well. My summer is rolling along real well. Recording the album is going most wonderful. Also, my August tour planning is coming along nicely. With regard to the album, we are halfway finished with lead vocals. So close, yet so far to the end.

But you’re in luck…I have a present for you. This past sunday I recorded a new new song with my talented friend Dave Siegel.

New Song “loveless summer” Free Download Here.


Thanks for listening, please feel free to share!

Also, I recently changed the album cover of my “random&rare” album to match the vibe the song. The following shot was taken by the lovely Describe The Fauna — check them out!

talk more soon

much love!


recording and summer plans update!

June 22, 2011

more photos here

Hello friends!

Lets be honest with each other, it has been a while since I’ve last updated. Totally lame. Glad to say, I’ve been busy! Reeeeecording!

The recording process has been going super well. The acoustic guitar tracking finished up nicely and we are now one song away from being done with electric guitars, then it is time for vocals! Really looking forward to laying down the vocals on these songs. They’re gonna be vibey, they’re gonna be emotional. Get ready.

Honestly though, making this album continues to be such a wonderful experience. Working with Brian is most excellent. Figuring out these tones and arrangements together, following ideas when creativity strikes, it is all quite exciting. And we’re not afraid to tell each other when we hate what one another are doing! We are men of compromise. Good lookin’ compromise.

We generally work between the hours of 8PM and 4AM, and I gotta say, there is something special about making and recording music after midnight. I drove home last night from recording at like 4:30AM. The sun was coming up, I was feelin’ good about the work we had done that session. It was a moment. And what makes it even better is…all of this time, all of the moments and music we record in these sessions…will later be heard by other people! Yes!

Speaking of releasing the album, that seems like that may happen a little later than expected. Right now, I want to say “August”. But we shall see. Brian works hard, and strives for excellence. Me, I could give a shit less. Jokie! Baaasically, we won’t be finished til we are both happy and the record is awesome and all and it can and should be. That being said, it’s not like it will come out in 2012 or something. The world will end by then anyways.

“working on the record seems pointless now, when the world ends, who’s gonna hear it?” *bright eyes reference*

I look forward to the world still existing, and all of you beautiful people listening to this record. I hope you like it!

Other thingssss…

Shows! Tour! I have an exciting Boston show and a 2 week August tour in the works HERE. Quite excited about all of that.

Lastly, I did this cover a few weeks back. Turned a pop/rock/emo jam in to a chill yellowbirddd jam. A good song is a good song people.

As always, thanks for following along.

Talk soon,

– Liam

ps – I found this online recently, reminded me of being on tour, thought I’d share.

spring tour update #5 – end of tour!

May 11, 2011


Hope you are well! It has been too long! Last time I wrote I was in in Kansas, and now I am in Massachusetts…ain’t that crazy! The 10 week US Spring Tour is now over, and what a journey it was. I had a wonderful time and it is wild to look back and think it all actually happened. I met so many people along the way, saw new exciting places, and I look forward to the next time I am out on the road!

Now I am back in MA and working on my new full band record “missing” …and I couldn’t be more excited. We are working on recording bass this week and is coming along great.

Now for a little recap of the last week of the tour…

Kansas treated me very well. I had another real great show at Cafe Semolino in Hays, KS and was met with a lot of generosity and support there once again! I spent the following day exploring and hanging out in Lawrence, KS. I had heard a lot about Lawrence so it was cool to finally check it out…it lived up to its expectations as a cool town for sure.

– Following Kansas, I had my first experience in St. Louis. I enjoy my exploring in St. Louis and met some very cool folks there! I saw some recent tornado damage which was incredibly terrifying. One of those things you see on TV and the movies, but it is truly shocking in real life. I enjoyed my time in St. Louis, it had some cool neighborhoods and I felt an overall mix of the midwest and the south throughout the city.

– I played some pretty fun shows in both Bloomington and Indianapolis Indiana. Saw friends again in both areas which is always nice! Bloomington is definitely a cool town with good vibes…recommended!

Indianapolis hang outs.

Chicago, as always, was a real treat! Such wonderful friends, lots of creativity, beautiful city…I look forward to every visit. This stop included catching up with my a-mazing friends Zivi and Kelsey in their incredible ballroom loft space and later playing an art show/house party/concert at my bff Phillip-Michael’s (Briar Rabbit!) loft. I was all smiles people! Gotta say too…I always tend to drink a bit whenever I visit Chicago…curious…curious indeed.

New Song “Second Wind” from Archer Ballroom Loft in Chicago

****Check out Zivi and Kelsey’s Photography & Blog here!****

Archer Ballroom full view. (I have friends that LIVE here!)

Chicago 5 of Hearts Loft show.

Briar Rabbit!

Kelsey, Me, Zivi!

Columbus really wowed me this time. Damn, I just said “wowed”. I had never really hung out in the downtown area of Columbus, always played just a bit north of the city, and had certainly never been around the OSU campus area. I liked it! I spent the day exploring and came across a lovely reservoir dock area, a Trader Joe’s, and an amazing bike path along a river. THEN I played a real fun show at Kafe Kerouac (extremely cool venue run by wonderful people) and made some awesome new friends that let me sleep on their couch…sweethearts! I look forward to returning to Kafe Kerouac for sure.

– This tour also brought my first time experiencing Pittsburgh. I gotta say, it is far more surrounded by nature than I assumed. I figured it to be a smaller, more industrial Philadelphia…but it is actually quite lovely with a river running along the city, a ton of beautiful bridges, and lots of trees and nature surrounding the downtown. I saw some wonderful friends and family and explored different parts of the city. Also played a fun show at Cannon Coffee in the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh. My friends and I went up to the Mt. Washington area at sunset and had a real nice view of the city. I love views, I love cities, I love friends. I then spent a bit of the next day 40 mins east of Pittsburgh in Greensburg, PA with my wonderful friend Derin and his lovely parents! After an amazing homemade breakfast, Derin took me around the rural area of Greensburg and we took some great pictures…he is a very talented photographer and an all around awesome guy!

Cannon Coffee. Pittsburgh, PA.

– The tour concluded in lovely Elizabethown, PA. Land that I love. Well…I mostly love the people there. I met up with my bffs Paul and Michelle of Shipwrecks for a super fun and well-attended house show in Michelle’s basement. What a fun time! Attentive audience, a handful of other really talented acoustic acts, good vibes with friends…a perfect way to end the tour. Even went to a diner late at night after the show…I had a waffle! haha.

I left Elizabethtown on May 2nd and drove to White Plains, NY for some time with my grandparents…gosh I love them. Nothin’ like totally chillin out while also having some family time.

I then spent the next week in NYC, catching up with friends and playing some music. I had a fun show at Pianos Upstairs Lounge and also played bass on some gigs with the handsome and talented Ramon & Dylan.

Now here I am in Massachusetts…pluggin’ away at this record…super excited! Planning for what comes after…we shall see my friends!

In all seriousness…thank you thank you thank you to everyone who supported me on this tour. Such a journey was a life goal of mine, no joke, and I now feel like I fulfilled that goal. I couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone along the way. I hope the memories made mean something to you, as they will continue to mean a whole lot to me.

See you out there next time!!


– Experiencing another 1335 DC house show. Great friends, great times!!

– The 2+ weeks spent with my friend Ramon. We had a blast and now have enough ridiculous inside jokes to last us a lifetime.

– South by Southwest. Always wanted to go. Now I have. Amazing moments, overwhelming moments. MUSIC.

– San Antonio River Walk. Wish I could walk it every evening.

– Los Angeles. The Hotel Cafe show. All of my wonderful friends in that city. I’d cross the country for them anytime.

– SEATTLE! Totally won my heart this time. Beautiful city, beautiful friends, beautiful music community!

– Chicago. Creative friends. “New York of the Midwest”. Skyline. Everything. I’ll always look forward to my next visit.

Thank you all once again. I hope the spring season treats you all very well. I will be working hard to get this new record out by sometime in July!

Gratefully yours,


spring tour update #4!

April 23, 2011

Why hello there!

I have covered a lot of ground since my last real update. dang. It’s time to catch up! Right now I am in central Kansas, returning to Hays, KS tonight to play Cafe Semolino.

I’ll start this update with this video I made of a new song and footage from my time in the pacific northwest. I got inspired to write this song (and start filming) after doing some hiking with my uncle in the north bay area of San Francisco. It is so beautiful up there, with amazing views of the bay, the city, and the ocean. damn. As I headed further north into the pacific northwest it was great to venture deeper into nature, and see some great friends too!

Check it out! Hope you like!

Ok! To back track a bit…back to LA…and venturing up the west coast…

I had such a good time in LA. I really love my friends there and it was wonderful to chill out for a week and venture around the area with them. We also played some fun shows! The Hotel Cafe show was definitely a highlight of the tour. I was fortunate to have a solid crowd and we hung out after the set for a while too. The Hotel Cafe is a great hang, love the vibe there. We also played a fun coffee shop show in Long Beach, good times!

“Missing” from The Hotel Cafe

Heather, Ali, Me!, Brad behind the camera = bffs!

Recording with Ali in Claremont, CA

Viento y Agua Coffeehouse in Long Beach, CA

LA is pretty cool city…but truly, I really love my friends there. It was great to have a little bit of a break from constant touring/movement and spend that time with some of my favorite people. I look forward to my next visit!

Next was San Francisco…unfortunately I don’t have any photo evidence of my time there. boo. But my dear friend Mariko was a great host and tour guide! I did a lot of walking around the city and got to see a lot more. Had my first Amoeba Records experience, got some good stuff! I am definitely a fan of SF. It is a magical place. It is hard for me to decide what west coast city I like the most…they all have pieces of my personality I think. hmm…

It was also wonderful visiting my aunt and uncle in the north bay. It is super relaxing up in the mountains north of the city, overlooking it all. So beautiful.

Here is a picture of their cat in my guitar case!


After SF, I played shows in Ashland, Eugene, and Salem Oregon. It was cool to experience more of Oregon for sure. That said, I was eventually pretty ready to be surrounded by the bit more urban vibe of Portland.

As mentioned at the start of this post, and documented in the video, Portland and Seattle were both wonderful times. I got to do much more exploring in both cities and enjoyed them thoroughly. Portland is real beautiful and so chill. Really not overcrowded at all. I loved walking all over the place, walking around the Willamette River that cuts through the city, and walking over the bridges that connect the two halves of the city. Gorgeous. and Portland and Seattle both have pretty killer music scenes.

Seattle and friends there treated me oh so well! Definitely a highlight from this tour. Got to see more of the city, got to check out some live music, explore on Record Store Day, eat some delicious food, check out a farmer’s market, went to a park that overlooked the Puget Sound, dang it was a good time. Thanks to Kelly, Liz, Colleen, and Harmony for making my trip such a blast!

Kelly (bff and host) and I!

Liz and I being awesome.

Record Store Day!

Harmony and I! (I look kind of orange?)

The days since leaving Seattle have been a bit of a whirlwind. I saw great friends in Boise, ID and Provo, UT. Had a delightful time taking a stroll along the Boise River with my friend Brian and his lovely husky dog Niu. Played a cool coffee shop in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City.

I had a day off in Grand Junction, CO …got a hotel which was real nice to chill out. Drove through some pretty a-mazing mountains to get to lovely Boulder, CO. What a cool little town. Good vibes for sure. Played a fun show there. Hung out in Denver the next day…which was yesterday. It was super sunny out, what’s up spring! Played Yellow Feather Coffee in Denver last night. Yellow Feather is in the middle of the arts district on Santa Fe street in Denver, so it was cool to walk around that artsy area. I felt good about the show and a lot of folks grabbed cds which was great.

…and now I’m in Kansas! Bye Bye wild wild west. Bye bye mountains. Headed eastward. Home stretch.

I’ve definitely got some shows, people, and places to look forward to over the next week or so. Real psyched to be back in Chicago for a little bit. I’ve ALREADY got good vibes about my upcoming time there. and there will be some cool stops along the way for sure.

It is kind of amazing that this journey is coming to an end. I’ve always wanted to be on the road for a considerable amount of time…and 10 weeks is pretty considerable. It just kind of becomes a way of life. I think about starting the trip traveling down the east coast in late February into early March…it seems like quite a while ago…but it all seems to flow into this big journey of memories and moments.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.

I am gonna finish this thing out, hang in NYC for a week (so excited), get back to Boston and finish the new record during May/June, YES!

much much love,

– Liam

free song from the road!

April 11, 2011

hey folks!

Hope all is well. Quick update from a lovely coffee shop in Salem, Oregon called The Beanery! I have enjoyed my two shows here in Salem and I am super excited to head to Portland today.

I had some time today to look back the shows and the travels I’ve completed thus far, and also to plan ahead for the rest of the tour.

I just came across a live recording from GIG on the Strip in San Antonio…and I want to share it with the world!

springtime/lovesick (Live from San Antonio)

Download here: (link active for 7 days)



I plan to write more soon about all of my west coast travels. Stay tuned!